Product Questions

What do I need to do to prepare for my concrete curbing?

Mark any sprinkler heads or utility lines in the area of install. This includes but not limited to landscape lighting, pet containment wires and utilities entrances into the home. Existing edging should remain in place until after your new curbing has dried. This helps keep the area clear of any obstructions. Your curbing will be outside of edging and sprinklers to create smooth flowing lines.

What can I expect during installation of my curbing?

An 8-inch trench will be dug removing any grass from the area your curb is to be installed in. We then mix each batch of concrete onsite and use a wheelbarrow to move the concrete to the curb machine.We will need to use your outside hose and minimal amount of water.

How strong is the concrete?

Fiber is added to each batch of concrete for strength. Then the curb is laid with a 1/8” steel cable running thru the entire curb.

How long before the curbing is dry?

Your edging will be dry to the touch within 3 hours. At this point it can withstand rain. Your edging can be damaged if you bump it with in the first 24 hours. Please take care to make sure pets, children and guests do not step on your edging. Concrete is considered fully cured after 30 days.

Do I need to seal my curbing?

Your curbing is sealed the same day, and this offers excellent protection from the weather short term as well as the sealer protects the colored concrete for up to 2 years. We recommend that you have us reseal your edging every 18 months. DO NOT apply sealers that are sold at retail stores as it may adversely affect the properties of your colored concrete curb beyond repair.

Can the concrete edging be damaged?

Your concrete edging will give you years of enjoyment with little care. It is important to understanding to understand that while extremely durable, your edging is not indestructible. Pushing a wheelbarrow full of rock over your edging may cause it to crack. If you need to get rock inside your bed, then use a ramp to keep the weight off the edging. Running your mower on the side of the edging can leave unsightly scratches that diminish the beauty of your edging. A string trimmer should be used to trim the grass around your edging.

Will my tree lift my tree rings?

Over time tree roots may lift and break your edging. Control joints are installed to help control cracking. Any cracking should occur at the control joints allowing you to lift that section of edging. Remove or shave the tree roots back down with and replace the curbing section along with fill dirt for support.

How do I clean my curbing?

Pressure washing your edging is not recommended as it can seriously damage the surface of your curb. Just a quick wash off with a spray nozzle attached to your hose will work. For any stubborn areas, a stiff scrubbing brush may be used. If its been more than 18 months since your curb has been sealed contact us about resealing. This will close the pores and help keep the curb cleaner.