Concrete Curb Installation Process

If you’re considering a concrete curb installation, it’s nice to be prepared and fully understand what the process will look like.

This brief list will describe the steps we take before, after, and during a concrete curb installation.

Preparation Steps

Marking Sprinklers and Utility Lines

Before we start our side of the installation, it’s very helpful for the customer to mark any sprinkler heads or utility lines near the area of install. This includes but not limited to landscape lighting, pet containment wires and utilities entrances into the home.

Keep Any Existing Edging

Existing edging can remain in place until after the new curbing has dried, as this will help keep the area clear of any obstructions.

Hose Access

During the process we will need access to a minimal amount of water. Access to an outside hose is the easiest method for this.

Installation Steps

We go through quite a few steps in our concrete curbing installation process, but below is a quick overview of some key points.

Clearing Any Immediate Obstructions

Usually there won’t be any obstructions that need to be removed, but in the event that something needs to be adjusted it is always the first step.

Digging a Trench

We start by cutting a trench approx 1-inch deep and 10-inches wide, removing any grass from the area your curb will be installed in. This trench will eventually house the edging.

Mixing Concrete

We mix each batch of concrete onsite, adding fiber to the batch for additional strength. Concrete is transported with a wheelbarrow to the curbing machine.

Laying the Concrete

Concrete is laid with our curbing machine, and the curb is laid with 1/8″ steel cable running through the entire curb.

Control Joints

The biggest risk to your concrete curbing is large tree roots, so control joints are installed at key points to help control cracking.


Your curbing is then sealed the same day, offering protection from weather in the short term as well as protecting the color of the concrete for up to 2 years.

After We Leave

Everyone knows concrete takes time to fully solidify. Here’s what you need to know about caring for your concrete curbing after we are finished.

Dry Time

The first 3 hours is most critical to keep children and pets away. Edging will be dry to the touch within 3 hours of being poured, but it can still be damaged with a strong bump for the first 48 hours.

Concrete is considered fully cured after 30 days.


We recommend that you have us reseal your edging every 18 months in order to maintain its beauty and durability.

Give us a call at 612-704-0988 for a reseal or to start with our expert concrete curbing services.

Reviews of Our Concrete Curbing Service

“We went with a Core Custom Curbing here in Rosemount and they did a wonderful job!”

Kyle & Racquel - 1 year ago

“We just had our concrete curbing done today. Jay and his crew were amazing! They did such a fantastic job!”

Kate - 1 year ago